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ThesePain Relieving Toe Sockstreatbunionsand also reduce pain from common foot conditions likeplantar fasciitis . neuropathy . and more!Simply wear every night to bed . and wake up to pain-free feet! The toe separating technology retrains foot bones to align properly . resulting in less pain . andtreating bunions!Both big toe bunions and ‘tailor’s bunions’heal within a few weeks of use! Comfortable and easy to put on . these socks come in one size but stretch considerably to match your foot shape. For both men and women!

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  • Anatomical left and the right design for the perfect fit
  • Seamless comfort and construction
  • Patent-pending ??split-toe?? design for separation
  • Extra padding for added protection
  • Padded heel for anatomical shape
  • Moisture management
  • 360-degree blister protection


Q: Does thistreat bunions?

A: Yes! With regular nightly wear . your bunions will reduce in size and eventually the bones will realign . resulting in normal functioning and pain-free feet.

Q: How do I wear these?

A: Wear these every night when you go to sleep. You can also wear them during the day . but they will not fit comfortably in closed-toe shoes.

Q: Will these help my foot pain? I don’t have bunions.

A: Yes! These are made to help other foot conditions . like plantar fasciitis . as they stretch the inflamed tendons and muscles . resulting in more blood flow to the area.


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