Climbing Santa – Stylish New Deals


Santa Is Coming To Town!

And now he’s climbing the Christmas Tree with all those presents!

He sings . he has presents . he brings joy!

We just can’t get enough of it!

This ladder climbing Santa is a perfect companion to any Christmas tree!

If you’re looking for Santa that will bring some more spark to your home and Christmas tree – Look No More!

Why SoSanta?

Santa Claus will automatically climb the stairs while he sings. With the bag full of presents on his back!

Made from high-quality PVC and plush . it is environmentally friendly . non-toxic and unique.

Perfect for interior and exterior decorations which hang on Christmas trees or other decorations.

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‘My Granddaughter Loves It!’

‘This is a very cute . dancing Santa that was just the right size for my 2 year old granddaughter to hold. Good quality and reasonably priced.’

Marie P.


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