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ComfortDesk Pro– is not just another laptop stand!

Folding Desk Pro is a height adjustable . tilt-top desk that securely holds laptops . iPads . books . puzzles . games ?C even snacks. It features tilt-top tabs to help prevent slipping and sliding when working or reading at-a-tilt! Plus . when used in a standing position you can burn more calories and help increase your circulation. Perfect to use at the office or in your home ?C on the couch . sitting on the floor . lying in the bed ?? anywhere!Comes fully assembled.

Features and Benefits:

  • LIGHTWEIGHT ALUMINUM TRAY?C Makes Carrying Easy and Holds Your Computer at Virtually Any Position or Angle
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE LEGS?C Rotate 360 Degrees and Lock in Place at Various Angles.
  • PORTABLE– Quickly Collapse The Stand to Make it Portable.
  • MULTIPLE USES?C Can be Used For a TV Dinner Tray . Sound Equipment . Projector . Standing Desk . Book Tray . Writing Desk . and Tablet Holder.
  • Size:480x260mm

Customer Questions & Answers

Q: Is the mouse pad angle independently adjustable?
A: Yes . you can also remove it easily if you don’t want it.

Q: How many inches will it raise from the surface on which it sits?
A: Up to 19 inches which is more than enough.

Q: I am left-handed. Can the mouse pad be mounted on the left side of the table or is it only on the right side?
A: Yes it can. You can see a small slit on the left side of the tray. That is where it attaches. The slits are on both sides.

Q: Can it be used comfortably by a person in a wheelchair?
A: The bottom legs are about 20 inches apart . so as long as that will fit in the wheel chair it should work well.

Q: How to install and adjust the mousepad?
A: There is really not very much to do. There are buttons to push at the end of each rod to make the legs move how you want.

Q: How much weight does it safely support?
A: It can hold up to 15 lbs.


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