CoveritALL Hair Spray – Stylish New Deals

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Made with Keratin . a hair protein made for thinning hair . ourCoveritALL Hair Spray not only covers balding spots but also thickens the hair around it giving your scalp a fully covered look!

This amazing hair spray can be a wonderful savior for aging hair and hair that has always been lackluster. They are naturally composed and free from allergenic products. Made with non-comedogenic and non-itchy materials . naturally sourced from castor oil . water . keratin proteins . fibers and minerals that enrich hair growth.

Apply CoveritALL your regular way or use the spray top or comb (comes with the pack) to achieve an amazing full-haired look!

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  • Zero Fallout
  • Zero Itchiness
  • Zero Animal Cruelty
  • Zero Plastic Waste
  • Zero Uncomfortability


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