Diatom Earth Japanese Bath Mat – Stylish New Deals

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This Mat Absorbs Water INSTANTLY And NEVER Requires Washing!

Available in three natural colors . using Diatomaceous Earth (DE) from Ishikawa and Akita Prefectures . the Diatom Earth Japanese Bath Matabsorbs water instantly . leaving your feet dry . clean and free from bacteria that traditional bath mats harbor.

This bath mat is entirely natural . with nothing else added and does not require any washing.
It’s simply harvested and molded . using craftsmen’s trowels.


Diatomaceous soilis made from tiny . fossilized water plants that existed in the prehistoric period so when you dry your feet . you’ll be standing on thousands of years of Earth’s history!

The secret to the mat’s moisture-wicking quality lies in the millions of naturally occurring . microscopicholes which make it incredibly porous and deodorizing.

The tiny particles in the diatomite soil allow water to evaporate quickly in natural air . eliminating the safe haven for mold . mildew . and bacteria.

The picture below is a good indication of how quickly the mat can return to its original . dry state.


Standing on the cool mat straight after a hot bath or shower is said to give your whole body a fantastic sensation. Many customers also commented that it was fun to feel the mat sucking the wetness from their feet . which was unlike anything they’d felt before.


Super Fast Drying Powers: TheDiatom Earth Japanese Bath Mat candry large amounts of water within a minute!

Keep Your Bathroom Safe & Dry: Avoid injuries and accidents from a wet bathroom floor

Anti-Slip Surface: Not only does it keep your bathroom floor dry . but the also makes sure you don’t slip to prevent falls

Antibacterial . Anti-odor . and Anti-mildew

Natural . Safe and Nontoxic: Made from natural diatomaceous earth from Japan.The white mat contains soil from Akita Prefecture . the pink has soil from Ishikawa Prefecture . and the green uses a combination of the two.

No Washing Required: Simply splash the mat with running water or wipe with a wet cloth or sandpaper and the mat will be as good as new

45 x 35 x 0.9 CM

60 x 39 x 0.9 CM


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