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Do you need a DIY Ukulele Kit for your children?

The DIY Ukulele Kit is an addicting instrument that can easily carry everywhere and used for a long time.

The DIY Ukulele Kit using the latest technology along with highly trained and experienced artisans. It is perfect for anyone . even serious musicians . and it will be an ideal gift for your loved ones.

Great Design: It gives you endless opportunities . rosewood body has a beautiful surface . and you can stain or painted what you want.

Perfect Musical Instrument: The DIY ukulele kit is a great way to learn about the ukulele . and it offers an opportunity to learn how they work.

Easy to Install: It contains some installation tools and instructions to make the installation more comfortable and more convenient.

Improve Skills: It improves hands-on skills and keeps entertained??also a great option of a stress reliever for adults.

Way of Communication: The process of DIY can promote communication between parents and kids.

Perfect Gift: It is ideal as a sweet gift to share with kids . friends . and family . and enjoy DIY together to bring joy.


  • Material: Wood
  • Full Size: 53.5 * 17 cm

Package Includes:
– 1* Basswood Body
– 1* Basswood Neck
– 1* Plastic Fingerboard
– 1* Plastic Bridge
– 1* Plastic Upper Nut
– 1* Plastic Lower Nut
– 4* Nylon Strings
– 2* Tones
– 4* Tuning Heads
– 4* Tuning Head Nuts
– 8* Tuning Head Screws
– 4* Fingerboard Screws
– 2* Bridge Screws


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