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Play and enjoy with this Domino Laying Train Toy! ThisAutomatic Laying Domino Train helps you quickly set up cool domino chains. Stack the domino up effortlessly and knock them all down!

The Automatic Laying Domino Train lays domino in perfect spacing . and you can create your own pattern simply by turning the funnel.This educational toy is perfect for toddler’s color recognition . hand-eye coordination ability and great for fine motor skills.


  • AUTOMATIC LAYING FUNCTION– Skipping the pain of the entire process of stacking domino with its perfect process of laying it uniformly.
  • CULTIVATES STEM DEVELOPMENT – Enhances the child’s spatial thinking abilities and color recognition. It also helps with their concentration and motor skills.
  • STEERING CONTROL– Direct the train to turn left or right while laying bricks just by turning the funnel on the top of the train . create fun shaped tracked freely.

  • LIGHT AND SOUNDThe electronic train gives out cool and fascinating sound and light effects when moving.
  • SAFE TO PLAY WITH – Bricks are made of high-quality plastic with smooth edges to ensure children’s safety during playtime.
  • BATTERY-OPERATED – No need to charge. Just bring replacement batteries

How To Play

  1. Fill the cartridgewith dominos and attach to the top of the train
  2. Switch the train on.
  3. As the train moves forward . it will deposit the standing dominoes in a row.
  4. Turn the funnel on the train to control the steer.
  5. Reload the cartridge when empty . turn on the train and continue until you have used all the dominoes.



Type:Electric Domino Train

Package Weight:0.5kg

Powered By: 2 x AA Batteries

PackageSize(L x W x H):33 x 8 x 23.3 cm

Package Contents:

1 x Domino Rally Train . 1 x Plastic Cactus . 60 x Dominoes . 1*Domino clip


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