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Domom Multifunction Sander Chain Disc


Do you love wood sculptures? Or maybe you have a friendwho has a talent for woodcarving. If so . see there!You will not want to miss this 4-inch grinder chain plate for yourself or your friend.

This tool is a hit among the wood sculptors! Why? Well . this tool can make any wood carving an absolute breeze.Yes . that’s so cool! Look at this.

Product features:

  • Complete woodworking projects fast . safe and easy! With this tool you can easily carve ANY wood !!!
  • It’s a chainsaw AND a wood grinder IN ONE! Fast . easy to install and with user-friendly maneuverability
  • 22 Tooth Design provides a smooth “finished” surface that is great for regrinding. ItCan be used in all directions and has an anti-kickback action.
  • Provides perfect control when carving ANY type of wood. Also for cutting . carving . removing and shaping plastics . ice and hard rubber.
  • If necessary . It can be sharpened with a chain saw file or replaced


  • Material: hard alloy
  • Tool bar size:0.62 inch
  • Diameter of the chain:4 inch

This 4 inch sander sprocket is your new tool for woodworking! Once you’ve tried it . you’ll never want to do wood carving without it again. It’s a tool that will not disappoint you.This is a bestseller for a good reason. Streamline your wood production sessions now!

Package includes:

1 * Multifunction sander chain disc


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