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Make way for fun and well-being!

Your cat isfull of energyand has adaily need to exercise.Give him all the comfort he needs for anoptimal feeling of happiness.

the newinnovative toythat will keep your cat entertained throughout the day.

Itsergonomic designhas been designed for thecomfort and well-beingof your companion by offering him a feeling ofrelaxation and freedom.

Discover the many advantages of Alexo :

Reduces anxiety:calms . soothes . and relieves any feeling of stress.

Stimulates curiosity: it entertains your cat all day long . thus promoting optimal development of all its senses.

Develop its natural instincts:the realistic movements of the fish will encourage your cat to awaken its independent character.

Limits the risks of diseasessuch asdiabetes . osteoarthritis or lipidosis … Inactivity and apathy are factors thatpresent an increased risk of disease in cats.

Innovative ergonomic concept: designed to adapt to all cats . from the youngest to the oldest.

100% natural and durable: made from high quality fabric . soft and resistant.

Our fish is not anelectronictoyand does not require the use of batteries.

Our guarantee:

The rigor of our specifications commits us to offer youhigh quality products and assistance.At Rixtal . we ensure the satisfaction and happiness of our customers . which is why all our products are100% satisfied or reimbursed.

Anxious to offer you a most pleasant experience in our company . we do everything in our power to best meet your expectations.For this . you can consult our FAQ at any time if you have any questions.In addition . our team is at your disposal 24/7 to support you and provide you with information.


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