Double Ring Levitational Aroma Diffuser – pentacute

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A fascinating Maglev design .where thedouble rings levitate and rotate solely powered by solar energy .dispersing pleasant fragrance in the surroundings for 90 days.

Compact and stylish . it fits as an aroma diffuser for car . home . office or bathroom. It effectively captures and decomposes 360?? peculiarair molecules . giving you enjoyable sightand smell senses.

It is high-temperature resistant . does not fade . and can be washed repeatedly. Aroma around you . good mood always with you!


  • Air Freshener for Various Occasions
    High-end double ring rotating designed air purifier use in air freshener for car/office/bathroom/home decoration . funny gift & novelty present.

  • Maglev Design
    High quality alloy material . double ring levitational rotatingmechanism which is automatic.

  • Solar Power
    Does not require power supply . relies solely on solar power. Rotation speed of rings varies according to solar energy strength.

  • Dispels Peculiar Smell
    Professional deodorizing ingredients are incorporated into essential oil to effectively capture and decompose peculiar smell molecules. 100% safe and chemical free.

  • Small and Stylish Appearance
    Adds elegance to your decor.

  • 360?? Fragrance Blowing
    Itcan be exposed to high temperature for a long time . does not fade . and can be washed repeatedly.



  • Size:6.5 cm x6.0cm
  • Color: Red . Silver . Gold . Blue


  • 1 piece *Double Ring Levitational Aroma Diffuser


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