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With Swipzer . you can now mop the floors and your worries away keeping your home sparkling clean. This is a revolutionary self-wringing double-sided mop that will easily wash your floor and dry it out at the same time with just one swipe.

Its super flexible design lets you get into those hard to reach places like the wall . under a desk . baseboards and more. Made of premium quality microfiber material . Swipzer has a self-wringing feature that lets you easily decontaminate the mop without touching the dirty water. This feature also resists staining . keeping your mop looking fresh all the time.

The microfiber mop head cloth is machine washable which makes it super easy to reuse.


  • Mop the Floor Without Breaking your Back: Swipzer is perfect for that time when you need to quickly clean that mess on the floor. It features double pads for twice the cleaning in half the time! You can use one side for wet mopping and the other to dry the floor.
  • Versatile 360?? Rotating Mop Head:It features a 360-degree rotating head for a hassle-free cleaning in no time . ensuring there is no mildew and germs. It will allow you to sweep or mop in any direction without any hassle. You can easily clean under the furniture . against the walls and ceiling . corners etc.
  • Self-Wringing Design: The self-wringing design allows you to clean and decontaminate the mop heads quickly and easily . making it a perfect cleaning tool. Unlike your traditional mops . you will never have to touch the dirty water and squeeze it with your hands.
  • Super Absorbent Micro Fiber Pads: Swipzer’s high-grade microfiber cleans the spill and mess in minutes. It grips dirt . dust and pet hair making this the perfect mop for professional like cleaning. The pads are washable . reusable and easy to replace.


  • Extension length: 130cm
  • Material: ABS
  • Corrosion resistance: 9.0-9.9 grade
  • Mop material:Microfiber


  • 1 x Swipzer
  • 2 x Mop Cloth


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