Double Sided Paint Roller Brush – Deals Streak

$30.95 $13.95

If you’ve ever needed to paint a poll . piping . fence . or parts of the deck . you’ve probably come to the realization that it would be easier if your paint roller was rounded or had more than one side to it! That’s just what the Roll-All dual paint roller has! It’s a paint roller with two mini rollers that help you paint more space on squared-off or rounded poles and odd-shaped areas that need painting. It’ll help get the paint job done a lot faster . and might just prevent you from getting carpal tunnel in the process.

Instead of using an awkwardly shaped over-sized paint roller . just whip out this hand-held dual-paint roller that’s the perfect size for painting spindles . piping . tubing . stair railing . fencing . and more!

Roll-All Dual Paint Roller Helps Paint Fencing . Poles . and Corners


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