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Tired of draining your kitchen utensils . fruits . and vegetables in a disorganized manner? Searching for a multifunctional tool for your kitchen that won’t take up so much space? We got just the right product for you!Luxe Drain Shelf– an all-around device for you and the whole family.
Luxe Drain Shelfis a versatile shelf for your home. It is used for various purposes. Can be used for draining most foods like spaghetti . pasta . potatoes . broccoli . green beans . carrots . spinach . and other veggies to rinse your salad leaves . fruits . and fresh vegetables. The drain hole in this suction cup is designed to help strain . so the garbage is left behind without worrying about blocking the sink. Absolutely . a user-friendly garbage filter for your kitchen needs.
  • GREAT QUALITY MATERIAL.Made with quality materials that are stable for several times of use and are safe for food storage. With its triangular design . fully make use of the sink corner and won’t take up additional space inside the sink.
  • ALL-PURPOSE | MULTI-FUNCTIONAL.This user-friendly draining system is very easy . safe . and convenient to use. Just stick the suction cup on the sink . and it’s ready to use! It can also be used to wash vegetables . filter soap . store small items . and use both kitchen and bathroom. Because of its sturdy suction cups . you can install this innovative device anywhere without damaging your countertop or any kitchen surfaces.
  • EXCELLENT DRAINAGE.This Luxe Drain Shelf can be attached and detached after use. Very convenient and practical . and will not stain the floor. It helps maintain the cleanliness of your kitchen sink. Engineered with dense hollows for quick drainage . preventing the accumulation of water and growth of bacteria.
  • PERFECT SIZE | SPACE EFFICIENT.With its strong suction cup . this Luxe Drain Shelf is designed for space-saving . making it easy to store in the cabinet after use. Purposely designed with a shape of a triangle so it won’t take up much space in the kitchen. Works on any flat surface.
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1xDrain Shelf


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