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Looking for a cool and educational gift for a child? Develop their creative thinking with thisDraw with Light ?C Fun and Developing Toy!
When a child starts to know how to hold a pen . this extraordinary tablet-likeDraw with Light Toyis precisely a perfect gift for them! See the kid’s happy and excited reactions when they use the drawing toy for the first time. Without a doubt . the kids would love to draw the whole day!

  • WONDERFUL & FUN | EDUCATIONAL TOY.Let’s bring teaching and learning to the innovative and fun level!Who would not want this lovely tablet Draw with Light for their kids? This toy will help your kids learn basic drawing skills and enhance their creativity without getting them bored. This unique Drawing Tablet provides light-accumulating coating and a flashlight marker to start drawing.
  • FEATURES.Your kids can enjoy this Fun Drawing Toy without the use of power supply; it only needs to use a UV luminous pen. The removable cap functions as both a pen or marker cover and a built-in UV light for you to use to display and reveal the secret message written with the pen/marker.
  • GREAT QUALITY | EASY TO USE.The pen with pocket clip allows you to keep it ready for use at all times. It is made from the highest quality materials that make you draw smooth quickly.
  • A PERFECT GIFT.Having a birthday party for your kid? This Draw with Light Tablet is the best gift for your child! This will also help them get rid of cellphones . TVs . and other devices. Instead . this Fun and Developing Toy will serve as their early educational tool for their drawing skills and creativity. A remarkable gift for your kid!

Package Included:
1xDraw with Light – Fun and Developing Toy


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