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Keep them together without getting hurt and uncomfortable.

Never get hurt again of pins used in connecting the pads and cover of your quilts . and start using the Duvet Cover Clips.

The Duvet Cover Clips is created tokeep the inner pads of your quilts in place and avoid it from accumulating on one side. Regardless of the thickness of your quilts . these clips canstretch up to 180 degrees to hold them together. And aside from using these on your quilts . you can also use it in your curtains . and get a strong and sturdy lock.


  • Pinless:
    Keep yourduvet and covertogether without needing needles and pins which may hurt you while you sleep.
  • Flexible:
    Its flexibility can reach up to 180 degrees to clip thin to thick duvet and mattresses.
  • Strong and Sturdy:
    It strongly holds your quilts together.

  • Lightweight:
    It is made of light material to not put on weight on your quilts.
  • Multifunction:
    It is suitable for duvet . hanging clothes . and even curtains.


  • Materials: ABS
  • Colour: Blue . Pink . White . Transparent
  • Weight: 48g
  • Size: 3cm x 7cm


  • 1pack x Duvet Cover Clips 4pcs


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