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Never too hard toclean the debris in your earsThis gentle suction utility offers a safe . hygienic and effective alternative for cleaning ears and extracting embarrassing ear wax . especially thefluid and soft wax after bath or swimming.
It is well-known that cotton swabs will push the earwax and debris further into the earthat seriously damageyoureardrumsThis compact and portableear cleanerprovides powerful suction for instant relief and assurance.
Features asafety guard to prevent entering too far into the ear . attached powerful examining light for monitoring. Simply use as a micro-vacuum!


  • Clean the fluid and soft wax after bath or swimming.
  • The ear vacuum cleaner gently draws dirt particles and moisture out of the ear- which is powerful yet gentle.
  • Remove wax without injury.
  • Quiet- safe- effective- convenient- healthy and comfortable.
  • Simple- safe and easy to use.
  • Soft silicone tips protect ear when compared to ear swabs.
  • Safety guard prevents tip from entering too far.
  • Unit disassemble for fast thorough cleaning.
  • Suitablefrom children to adults


  • Step 1:Open the battery cover at the bottom andinstall 2AAsize battery (not included). Then close the cover.
  • Step 2:Put thesilicon earplugon the tube of the unit . ensure that it isfixed firmlyon the tube.
  • Step 3:Switch onthe unit and the motor is running with sound. Then the tube in the ear andslightly turn to draw out earwax.


  • Material : Silicon +PVC
  • Color : White
  • Power supply : 2 x 1.5V AA battery (not included)


  • Ear Wax Easy Remover
  • 4 silicone accessories
  • Cleaning brush


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