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Perfect forremoving ear waxfrom your ear!

Itgently vibratesandvacuumsdirt particlesandmoisturesout of your ear.

Stubborn attached to the ear can also be clean after the suction . like a vacuum cleaner. The suction is strong but sounds very quiet. Professional cleans earwax . quickly adsorbs the dirt inside of the ear . and sucks dirt into the machine bilge

The Ear Wax Vacuum Cleaner is made ofBPA-Free Plastic . with the head soft enough to be used indifferent sizes of ear hole.The length of the Cleaner’s head issafe for every adultandkid’sear depth . and the vacuum power canpick up ear wax easily. It isperfectly safefor your ear . and you can enjoy cleaning themanytime . andanywhere.

Soft and comfortable:

  • Quality material enables the ear pick for different ear hole sizes.This earwax removal head is made of silicone . soft enough to be used in different sizes of ear holes. Using 2.5cm elastic material can protect the ear . will not hurt the eardrum . safe and reliable.

Convenient to carry:

  • This ear cleaner is in small size . lightweight . compact and easy to use . ideal for home and long time travel. Suitable for children . adults and the elderly.

Perfect design:

  • Configure two soft heads & Brush . easy to clean and replace.


  • SafeandSimpleto Use
  • PainlessandSuper Effective
  • Removes WaxWithout Injury
  • VibratesandVacuumsat the Same Time
  • Durable .Lightweight . andLong-Lasting
  • Healthy .Portable . andConvenient
  • Usable By BothAdultsandKids
  • 100% High-QualityMaterial


Just press the button . then need to insert carefully and gently into your ear canal . the ear cleaner will vibrate and inhalation the earwax into the vacuum. Effectively remove ear wax . give your ear a better massage.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 75g
  • Size: 2.5cm x 13.0cm
  • Battery: 1 x AAA


  • 1 x Ear Wax Remover Vacuum Cleaner


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