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If you are a fan of snorkeling and diving . you must be aware of the struggle of carrying heavy equipment and lasting jaw pain because ofthe mouthpiece.Snorkex is a one-stop solution for all the divers.Itis a full-face snorkel mask that will enhance your snorkeling experience. It allows a person to see and breathe underwater without any problem for an extended duration.

Snorkex has a tube or snorkel on the top that lets us breathe with our nose while swimming underwater.The design neglects the basic problems faced while snorkeling like leakage and fogging. It comes in various sizes to fit on any face perfectly. It is very lightweight . so anyone can use Snorkex while snorkeling in an easy manner . be a kid or an adult.

The goal of Snorkex is to expand the possibilities and accessibility of snorkeling underwater for swimmers . amateurs . adventurers . and explorers.


  • Dry Snorkel Technology: Snorkex restricts the water from going inside the snorkel and keeps it dry as the name indicates. It is possible due to a float valve mechanism present on the top of the snorkel that closes when the snorkel is underwater and opens when the snorkel is on the surface. It enables you to breathe freely with your nose . unlike the old and traditional snorkels.
  • Anti-Fogging System:Snorkexhas a dual vent system that allows the air to circulate inside. This prevents fogging that is very common due to breathing underwater. You are also saved by a lot of jaw pain as it does not have any mouthpiece.
  • Silicone Face Skirt: Snorkex has a silicone skirt that adjusts according to the shape and size of your face to fit you perfectly. The purpose of the silicone skirt is to make a watertight seal against your skin . assuring that no water will be leaked into your mask.
  • Panoramic View: It has an ultra-clear . strong and transparent screen to view the underwater ecosystem. It does not restrict our vision as Snorkex has a 180?? panoramic view . which is wider than the normal human vision. The screen is attached to the strong polycarbonate frame and is totally leak-proof.
  • GoPro Friendly: Snorkex has a GoPro mount on the top portion. If you have a GoPro or similar device . you can mount it on this mask before you go for water exploration and share it with yourself . friends or family.


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