Vivid Glowing Gems – lightmaroon

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The Vivid Glowing Gemsis an easy and flexible way to decorate almost any part of your home . yard or garden . pathways . fish tank and swimming pool. AllYou need to do is putting them underthe sun and soak up sunlight.Magic happens when it goes dark.

The Vivid Glowing Gemsoffer an incredibly bright and long lasting glow. Made from non-toxic resin . which isharmless to your family and the environment. Moreover . they’ll look just as great 15 years from now as they do today. Make use of your creativity to maximize their possibilities!


  • Ideal Decoration:
    A decor that you can use in your garden . driveways . flowerbeds . aquarium and swimming pool.

  • Great For Special Occasions:
    No worries on buying decors – now you can create your own one with these gems.

  • No batteries needed:
    They are charged under the sunlight and glow at night.
  • Weather Resistant:
    They will not lose its glow even when rained upon.

  • Safe For Road Users:
    Provide safety for road users when no light source is available.

  • Durable:
    The gems are to give you light every night and can last up to 15 years.
  • Safe Materials:
    These shining gems are made from non-toxic material . which is totally harmless to your family and environment.


  • Material: Polystyrene (PS)
  • Weight: 210g
  • Color: Green . Blue . Rainbow


  • 100 x Vivid Glowing Gems


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