HyperCube: Wireless Charging Station & Sleep Aid – Stylish New Deals

$399.99 $217.99

Recharge your body and your devices with an elegant . award-winning bedside table solution

Recharge Your Devices AND Recharge Yourself

We’re more reliant on our smartphones than ever before and while it does make our lives better . there’s one area of life where it’s making things worse ?Csleep.

HyperCube is a feature-packed bedside charging station and sleep aid that will simplify your life . get your routine sorted and transform your entire day.

HyperCube Solo at a Glance

**AUGUST UPDATE: New Hinge for More Portability… take a look for yourselves:

Based on real feedback from early HyperCube beta testers (aka Beta Cubers) . we created add-ons to take HyperCube even further.


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