Inflatable Beer Pong Hat – lightmaroon

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Bring the beer pong fun anywhere!

The traditional beer pong requires you to have a long table where you can lay the cups of beer and land the balls in the cups. So not having a table means no games for you. Use the Inflatable Beer Pong Hat as a great alternative!

The Inflatable Beer Pong Hat is created so you can enjoy playing beer pong even without a big space and wide table. It is designed with an adjustable hat to fit most adults . and with the capacity of being able to carry 6 cups of beer at a time. And with its portability . easy inflation and deflation process . bringing and using it anywhere and at any time is easy!


  • Great Alternative:
    It solves your problem of limited space. It gives you the versatility to use it anywhere.
  • 6 Cups Capacity:
    It is capable to carry up to 6 cups of beer for longer playtime.
  • Quick to Inflate . Easy to Deflate:
    It inflates quickly . and it easily deflates upon opening the seal for easy storing.
  • Portable:
    It deflates into a small plastic that you can carry anywhere and use anytime.
  • Stretchable Hat:
    The hat below the beer pong tray is made of stretchable materials with 2 strings that make it fit everyone.


  • Materials: Eco-friendly PVC
  • Colour: Black


    • 1pc x Inflatable Beer Pong Hat (Cup is not included)


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