Inflatable Neck Collar – Stylish New Deals


Medical Traction Belt Cervical Neck Collar Vertebra Air Cushion ...


  • DON’T LET NECK PAIN CONTROL YOUR LIFE: Enjoy the rapid relief from neck pain with our neck stretcher. It provides quick relief from neck pain . and tension and works perfectly as back support and shoulder support
  • COMFORTABLE TO WEAR CORRECTOR – READY TO USE: Unlike a neck hammock it’s ready to use . doesn’t need any assembly and is completely portable. Made from super soft . skin-friendly flannel . this cervical pillow comfortably cradles the head and shoulder
  • ON-THE-GO PAIN RELIEF: The inflatable neck collar is lightweight for easy storage and transportation so you can take it anywhere. Best for use at home . while sitting at your computer at the office or when traveling
  • QUALITY IS NEVER AN ACCIDENT: The Neck Traction is thoroughly tested against leading neck stretchers to provide you with the best available quality.
  • THIS NECK TRACTION IS THE IDEAL PRESENT FOR LOVED ONES who are suffering from neck pain


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