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This product uses a far-infrared radiation heating body as the radiation source . which has both heating and health care effects.


  • The direction of the lampshade can be adjusted up and down and left and right for easy illumination.
  • The lamp head interface adopts the E27 interface and a ceramic lamp head to prevent static electricity.
  • It can be fixed on the table and the socket inserted into the pole is fixed with a screw rod.
  • The arm joint can be adjusted 180 longitudinally to meet your needs.
  • Built-in spring . free to bend to prevent loose joints.
  • The switch button is more convenient to use.


  1. Unpack and remove the product . adjust the arm and the head to the desired part and angle of the body.
  2. Turn on the power indicator light . the computer version of the button operation . press the “open key” work light . indicating normal operation . (can adjust the wavelength and illumination time according to personal needs “+” “-“).
  3. Preheat for about five minutes . the irradiation time (same part): 30 minutes for adults and 20 minutes for children.
  4. When assisting in health care . the skin of the irradiated area should be exposed . the distance is about 30CM . the skin feels about 40 degrees Celsius or it feels comfortable for people.
  5. Time adjustment to “00” means long-term work (no timing function).


Color: White
Materials: Alloy + Glass + Ceramic
Voltage: 220V
Power: 100W
Interface: E27

Package Included:

1 x Light Stand
1 x Light Bulb
1 x Securing Clip


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