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More contact means more contamination and more contamination means more diseases.

Introducing Infrano . an Infrared Thermometer that measures temperature without coming in contact with the skin . hence avoiding any contact whatsoever.

Infrano is equipped with dual sensors . a German Heimann sensor for accurate temperature measurement and another proximity sensor for sensing the gap between the device and skin. Both of the sensors work together and finally give you the precise temperature reading.

You can even check on your loved ones without disturbing their sleep or touching them if they are sick. So . get Infrano and bring home the most hygienic way of measuring temperature.


  • Instant Readings: Infrano collects data and displays it in a second or two. Always remember to maintain a 3-4 cm distance while taking the readings.
  • Concealed LED Display:The temperature measured by Infrano is displayed on a concealed LED screen which vanishes when the device is not in use.
  • Ergonomic Design:The design of Infrano is very stylish and ergonomic. The sensors and the power button are placed perfectly for a smooth operation.
  • One Button Operation: Infrano has only one button which makes it very easy to use. The devices also vibrate when the measurement is done to notify you.
  • Premium Quality:Made with high-grade ABS and equipped with German Heimann sensor . Infrano ensures sturdiness and rigidity. Unlike conventional digital thermometers . it works silently without any beeps.


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