Innovative Paper Made Watch – pentacute

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Get to know this waterproof and lightweight innovation – The Paper Made Watch!

No longer be afraid of sweat and water wearing out your watch . this one is even submersible under 10m water depth . yet beingas light as a feather of less than 100 grams.

With its magnetic closure . the band is adjustable to the wrist of anyone!

Made of non tearable and highly durable material . with different patterns that suit different styles and ages . this is a great mix of fashion withtechnology that won’t disappoint you! We share Quality Time!


  • Waterproof
    The paper made watch is completely waterproof and can be submerged within 10m water depth.

  • Non Tearable
    Made of highly durable material . the paper underwent special handling and thus is non tearable.

  • Magnetic – Adjustable to the Wrist
    The magnetic band makes the watch adjustable to the wrist of any width.

  • Unisex & Suitable for Adults and Children
    The unique designs suit both genders and stylish people of any age.

  • Convenient Usage with Just 1 Button

    – Press lightly the B button for display of current time.
    – Press for 3 consecutive seconds for setting mode of hours.
    – Pressing lightly once will adjust the hour by +1 hour.
    – Another pressing of 3 seconds go to setting mode of minutes –> year –> month –> day.
    – If left still for 5 seconds . it goes back to normal display mode.


  • Material: Paper Made with Magnetic Closure
  • Patterns: Galaxy . Marble . Nature . Tropical
  • Size: Adjustable Size for Adults and Children
  • Weight: Less than 100 grams
  • Wrist Band Width: 3.39 cm
  • Thickness of Band: 0.55 cm


  • 1 piece *Innovative Paper Made Watch


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