Insanity Rotation Feather Cat Toy – pentacute

$79.98 $37.99

Your cat Favorite Toy

Captivate your cat’s attention & satisfy its hunting instincts with a unique stimulating cat toy that simulates prey popping out from 6 entries with a randomized and fast-paced feel.


  • ??Automatic Cat Teaser??: The feather teaser entices your cat to try and catch it by randomly moving between the 6 different holes . and will turn off after 8 minutes to save the power.
  • ??Day & Night Mode??: The unit will detect daytime and night time automatically.Switching to automatic mode will activate the unit for 8 minutes . reactivating it for 1 min every 4 hours during daytime and automatically enter sleep mode at night.
  • ??Smooth & Durable??:Round design built with an aviation glass material . light and durable to withstand your cat’s playtime.


  • 1xInsanity Rotation Feather Cat Toy


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