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Increased shock absorber insole
Three heights . two models for men and women

Product description

  • Soft elasticity . shock absorption and decompression

Soft Q bomb . if it feels like a jelly

  • Feeling comfortable . shock absorption

Soft fit heel assists in relieving foot pressure

  • High quality GEL gel Crystal clear without impurities
  • Good adhesion . non-slip stability

Prevent insole sliding Fix the insole Repeated use Sticky still strong

Instructions for use

Product specifications

  • Material: GEL
  • Color: colorless and transparent
  • Role: increase the pressure
  • Specifications: one pair

Packaging includes

  • 1*Invisible Insoles


  • This product can be rinsed with water
  • Do not use too cold or too hot water to rinse the product. It is recommended to rinse with normal temperature water.


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