Instant Strong Bond Glue – My Gear Pick

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For strong adhesion of different materials . the Instant Strong Bond Glue is perfect for that!

Has an extreme bond in just 30 seconds upon contact because of its ethyl-based cyanoacrylate adhesive.

Strongly stick and bond on almost anything such as metal . Glass . Rubber . Ceramic . Porcelain . Wood . Plastic . Leather and even the strongest surfaces. Also perfect for your arts and crafts. Super safe and easy to use!

This Instant Strong Bond Glue is a must have in your home all the time for quick repair of broken materials!


  • INSTANT STRONG BOND. Bonds permanently to almost anything in just 30 seconds!
  • UNIQUE TECHNICAL PROPERTIES. Its waterproof . heat- and cold-resistant . durable . flexible . and shock-resistant!

Instant Strong Bond Glue

  • PERFECT FOR YOUR DIY. Ideal for all sorts of DIY projects for indoors and out. This fix . bond . seal . improve and create!
  • PERFECT FOR HOUSE HOLD REPAIR. The glue for general household repairs . carpentry and whatever else you need fixed! Its truly a must have for anyones toolbox!

Instant Strong Bond Glue

  • BONDS ALMOST ANYTHING. Strongly bonds glass . ceramic . wood . metal . plastics . rubber & more. Also forms a strong bond . mount and hang things without drilling!

Instant Strong Bond Glue

    Amount : 20g

    Instant Strong Bond Glue x 1pc


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