Instant Zipper (Set of 6) – My Gear Pick

$25.97 $10.97

Do you have a number of clothing or other items with broken zippers? WithMagic Zipper .it canmagically fix zipper mishaps . split zipper tracks andit works perfectly for anyzippered products!

It canfix any broken zipper instantly!Just clip and zip! No sewing required!


  • Instant zipper repair solution
  • Repairs any zipper?Cguaranteed
  • Widely applications:on tents . suitcases . purses . pants . shirts . dresses . furniture . and just about anything else that has a zipper)
  • Saves time and money
  • Patented jaw designsnaps open and snaps close
  • Easy to do and just by1 minand take 2 steps.Clip & Zip!
    • Metal Type:Iron
    • Zipper Type:Close-End
    • 1 pack x 6pcs Magic Zipper
      (2 large . 2 medium . 2 small)


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