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$45.95 $20.95

Invisible Lift-Up Bra is ideal for wearing a perfect neckline
without the need for a traditional bra that ruins outfits.

The Invisible Lift-Up Bra can be used both on special occasions and daily.
It will make you look more slender. Thanks to its adhesion power . it will help you make your breasts look firm.

The Invisible Lift-Up Bra will not be noticed at all thanks to its reduced size.
You do not need brims or clasps on the back so that you can use it with all garments.

The shaping action of the Invisible Lift-Up Bra consists of two steps.
LIFT Breasts and JOIN THEM!
You will wear a more curved and slender figure.

The excellent quality of the Invisible Lift-Up Bra guarantees you a more extended grip . even resists perspiration.


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