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The Ionic Hair Straightening Brush is all you need in the morning.
Remove all frizz from your hair and use a wonderful hairstyle every day with the Ionic Hair Straightening Brush.
The most practical brush to achieve a professional finish on your hairstyles.

Eliminates frizz completely and also the combination of internal vibrations with 5.5mm comb teeth gives you a hair massage.
Ideal for maintaining good health in the scalp . promoting hair growth and reducing hair loss.

It is light and small so you can use it in your home or transport it in the wallet where you need every day and on your trips.

Max. temperature: 210 ??C
Min. temperature: Less Than 80 ??C
Voltage: 100-240v (Dual voltage)
Diameter of thermal conductor: Less than15 mm
Antic-Static Hair Brush: Take Out Frizz and Flyways


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