IonTech Faux Fur Scarf – pentacute

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Not only fur scarf but alsofunctionalby the magnet inside! This scarf containsIonTech which can produce negative ions to strengthen your immune system . relieve stressand promote health while looking elegant!

The magnetic buckles hold the fur scarf tight and prevent it from falling. When two magnets interact with each other . negative ions are activated and release to clean the free radicals of your body!

Premium soft faux fleece brings you an instant warm . cozy feeling. Its high-qualitydoes not cause itchiness or irritation to your neck. All you feel is the fluffiness and toasty warm in Winter!


  • IonTech: This scarf contains magnets that can produce negative ions to increase blood flow thereby exposing damaged tissue to additional oxygen . which is an important healing element. Therefore it can strengthen the immune system and beneficial to your physical health.

  • Promote Peaceful vibe: We are surrounding inelectronic devices that are radiating mega doses of harmful positive ions. This seriouslybrings negative impacts on our mental health. Negative ions produced by magnets of this scarf also well known for creating positive vibes help to alleviate depression . relieve stress . and boost your daytime energy.You will feel more peaceful and stay positive while also looking great.
  • Never fall: This scarf contains magnet buckles to tighten the scarfand prevent from falling.

  • Extremely warm and softPremium faux fur provides ultimate warmness to your neck. You can feel instant cozy in this fluffy fur.

  • High-Quality fur:Unlike those cheap quality furs which may cause itchiness or irritation . this luxurious no-peeling fur does not irritate your sensitive skin. All you feel is the feather-soft . skin-friendly fur surrounding your neck.
  • Elegant and GorgeousThis warmscarf can be styled in different ways . a perfect addition to enhance your wardrobe.


    • Material:High-Quality Polyester Fiber
    • Size:50cm x 9cm
    • Season:Autumn and Winter
    • Color:Khaki . Black . White . Pink . and Gray


    • 1 x IonTech Faux Fur Scarf


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