Jello Pig – Deals Streak

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Looking for somestress relief toys?We might have the exact toy for you!This cuteJello Pigis asilicone toythat we almost feel bad about bouncing it off the walls and floor. It givesus adevilish grinwhenwe see it splat flat in comic book fashion and thenreturnto its plump self.

Animated GIF

Good for a squeeze or a smash.The soft magic jelly piggy just keeps coming back for more.Guaranteed to put a smile on your face!


  • This is the toy that you do not want to leave it aside!
  • Extremely flexible that it will return back to it’s original shape after you smash it!
  • World’s best stress reliever!
  • Keep them away from sharp objects!

Package Includes:1 xJello Pig


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