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The baby sleeps like a baby kangaroo in her mother’s arms

Moms don’t have to worry whenever they go out on the street with a bulky carriage. A solution that makes everything simpler is this Kangaroo Hoodie.
The hoodie is the perfect choice for autumn and winter. Every time you go out . all you need to do is simply wear this hoodie and forget all the cumbersome devices.

Style 1: 2 in 1 Kangaroo Hoodie

  • You can wear a normal style (whether you are pregnant or not)

  • you can bring a baby ( maximum age of 18 months)

Style 2: 4 in 1 Kangaroo Hoodie

The design is a bag in front of the chest that will help your baby to stand upright and keep their body warm. This is the best position for your baby’s developmental body.

  • You can breastfeed with two long side zippers.

  • You can carry your baby if you have a baby sling or baby sitter (only suitable for up to 18 months).

  • You can wear it during your pregnancy as it’s stretchy.

  • You ca wear it as a casual jacket.

Size Chart:

Package Includes:

  • 1 * kangarooHoodie


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