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No MoreKnee Pain

There are many medical conditions and accidents that can cause unbearable knee pain to anyone. But who says you need to endure long nights of agonizing in extreme discomfort? This Knee Pain Relief Legging is the perfect solution to that!

It is made of breathable material with natural properties that could help reduce knee joint soreness by providing targeted compression and additional warmth. The warm sensation also helps soothe aching muscles and joints and increase blood flow to reduce stiffness.


  • INSTANT PAIN RELIEF: Effectively relieve pain and inflammation from muscle strain . rheumatic arthritis . hyperostosis . knee joint ache . injuries . and more
  • PROMOTES HEALING: Aids in faster healing of injuries caused by sports-related accidents . middle-aged knee problems . meniscus and ligament injury . etc.
  • PRACTICAL: A quick at-home pain relief solution without visiting the rheumatologist . doctor . therapist or any medication/injection
  • COMFORTABLE FIT: Soft and lightweight . this is designed for a snug fit with the added benefit of providing therapeutic support that could enhance joint & muscle movement
  • HEAT THERAPY: Gives a warm feeling that could help stimulate blood flow . improve circulation . increase range of motion . and reduce stiffness in painful joints
  • GENTLE COMPRESSION: Optimal pressure is delivered to each area of the leg to provide ample support to the muscles and joints
  • NON-SLIP WAISTBAND: Ensures that your legging stays where you want it
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: Made of durable . flexible material that moves with your legs . wicks away moisture . and does not cause irritation


  • Material: Polyester + Spandex + Nylon
  • Pattern: Solid
  • Size:
  • XS / S: Suitable for 42.5kg – 57.5kg
  • M / L: Suitable for 57.5kg – 67.5kg

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Knee Pain Relief Legging


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