KneeWellness Deluxe 3D Knitting Leg & Knee Compression Brace For Men, Women Version 2.0 – Fine and Wellness

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Your knees need to be protected. Studies have shown that only by walking on the ground . our knees will have to bear the weight up to3-5 times higherthan ouractual weight. The long walking journey can sometimes be overwhelmed especially to some aged groups or suffering fromknee pain. With this uniqueKneeWellness Deluxe 3D Leg & Knee Compressionbrace . it helps to tremendously reduce the pressure strain of your weight on your knee andmeniscusfor better protection.


  • ??HIGH-QUALITY GRADE MATERIAL-68% nylon and 32% spandex. Lightweight . breathable . enhance circulation & oxygenation of the blood thereby increasing muscle performance & accelerate recovery of injured muscles . joints & much more.
  • ??MUSCLE CONTAINMENT FOR REDUCED VIBRATIONS AND OSCILLATION . less muscle fatigue and damage with a graduated compression fit for circulatory benefits . faster recovery & injury treatment
  • ??MAXIMAL REMOVAL OF METABOLIC WASTEproducts ensure faster recovery and less post-exercise muscle soreness ** 20-30 mmHg graduated compression provides optimal oxygenated blood flow
  • ??PAIN RELIEF & PROMOTES MUSCLE/JOINT RECOVERY-Compression is proven to promote muscle recovery and injury prevention . our knee sleeve relieves muscle stiffness . extra soreness and offers rejuvenating relief from arthritis . osteoporosis . tendonitis . pain & discomfort . allowing you to perform at your peak in all situations.
  • ??PROMOTESBLOOD TRANSMISSION– Using the compression leggings Long sleeves ensures increased blood transport to muscles over the entire length and keep the legs warm.
  • ??MULTI-PURPOSE BENEFITS-Our leg and knee brace deliver targeted compression with moderate support for knees. The best knee and leg support sleeve and knee stabilizer for running . athletics . jogging . cycling . weightlifting . squats . soccer . basketball . volleyball . skiing . tennis . golf . walking . hiking . lifting and yoga . just about any sports and exercise activity!
  • ??PERFORMANCE GUARANTEED-Designed to protect knees . promote faster recovery . and improve muscular endurance. Our goal is to ensure our leg and knee pain relief products support you on your fitness journey . keeping you on your feet for longer.
  • ??100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE-We truly want you to be happy with your new leg braces and our professional customer service will do whatever it takes to ensure your satisfaction.



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