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Are you suffering from hair loss problems? SeeNOTICEABLE hair growth in2 WEEKS with the Korean hair growth serumnow!Do you know70% ofpeopleby the age of forty will experience thinning hair and hair loss issues? That’s why you need this expertly formulated serumtosolve the crisis! It offers you a blend of Asianherbs reviving unhealthyhair follicles for active hair growth . say hi to fuller and thicker hair in no time!All you do is a back-and-forth roll on the damaged area of your hair twice a day. This water-based serum will dissolve onto your hair to lock-in the nutrients and oxygen instantly without greasy residues. Try itto getvisible results in as quick as 2 weeks and effectively increases the diameter of your hair by 10%!


  • NOTICEABLE HAIR GROWTH- Effectively boost hair growth in 2 weeks! Increase the cross-sectional area of hair strands by 14.8% and increase the diameter of hairs by 10%!
  • A BLEND OF ASIAN HERBS- This expertly formulated serum offers you a mix of Asian herbs including:
    7% extracts of chameleon herb– provide proteinto restore the vitality . fullness . and thickness of hair
    3.5% extracts of purple perilla leaf– contain abundant vitamins and minerals which work together to promote healthier hair
    3% extracts of green tea– polyphenols and catechin are natural antioxidants that can effectively eliminate scalp and hair impurities
    – And more natural ingredients includingKorean ginseng . wolfberry . licorice . chamomile . white mulberry root-bark . and mint

    • INSTANTDAMAGEREPAIR- This anti-inflammatory serum restores abundant nutrients and minerals to reduce dandruff . relieve dryness and oily scalp.
    • OIL INFUSED ROLLERBALL- It comes with a rollerballfor quick and effortless haircare . all you do is a back-and-forth roll on the damaged area of hairs.This water-based serum will instantly dissolve onto your hair without residues . carefree to use before sleep.


    • Volume: 20ml


    • 1PC x Korean Hair Growth Serum


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