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Play your favourite mobile game even while charging without struggling in holding them.

Running out of battery while you’re playing game will give you no choice but to plug your charger on to continue. Avoid the cable getting in your way to hold your mobile withL-Head Super Duty Cable.

TheL-Head Super Duty Cableis designed with afixed 90?? angleto fit narrow spacesandavoids it from being broken by bendingthat the normal cables do. Theycharge your Android and Windows mobile 10x fasterthan normal cable and have a10x longer lifespanwith itsmilitary-grade aramid fibre and braided nylon.


  • Fast Charging And Data Transmission:
    It charges and transmits data 10x faster than normal cables.
  • Double Sided90?? Angle:
    It is designed to be on a 90??angle from the charging port to avoid bending and breaking the cable. While you are playing your favourite mobile game while charging . you can hold your phone as normal.
  • 10x Longer Lifespan:
    Enhanced by the military-grade aramid fibre and braided nylon . the ZUS cable can bend 15 .188 times.
  • Wide Compatibility:
    It charges up and syncs data with most Android and Windows phones . tablets and other devices with a micro USB port.
  • Pet Proof:
    It is so durable that even your teething pet won’t be able to break it.


  • Length: 1m
  • Type: MicroUSB(Android) /Lightning(IOS) / Type C(Android)

  • Material: Copper . Nylon
  • Colour: Navy/ Red/ Black/ Silver


  • 1 x L-Head Super Duty Cable


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