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Play with 4 fingers: you can FIRE while MOVING! Improve your game experience! Bring your gaming to the next level!Be a Pro! For Android & iOS phones.

86% of customers buy 2.

Supported devices

Easy to use . suitable for all models of iPhone / Android phones.

Built-in battery

Built-in rechargeable 2000mAh lithium battery . safe and efficient charging. No worry your mobile phone no enough electricity volume while playing.

Built-in cooling fan
No longer to worry about yourmobile phone overheating after a long time playing PUBG or Fortnite. It can reduce the phenomenon of device heating in the process of gaming to protect your cell phone.

Play it safe: L1R1 Mobile Gamepadvs various Bluetoothcontrollers

Using thisgamepad willNOT get you bannedbecause ithas physical connections and triggers.Some Bluetooth controllers are detected and considered “cheating” so players get banned.

Use a USB cable to charge when the battery of the game controller is running low. It means normal charging status when the power indicator of the game controller is blinking; similarly . the indicators will be long bright once the battery has been charged completely . USB cable could be removed.

Playing with 4 fingers

Moving when firing! Improve game experience . to help you be the pro on your game.

Supported devices and games

Easy to use . suitable for all models of iPhone / Android phones. Suitable for a huge variety of shooting games . including PUBG Mobile . Fortnite . Rules of Survival . Survivor Royale . Critical Ops . etc

Normal version :

  • Super comfortable Gamepad
  • L1R1 triggers

Updated version Amazing4-in-1 gamepad:

  • Super comfortable Gamepad
  • L1R1 triggers
  • 2000 mAh Powerbank
  • Phone Cooler

Ultimate combo!

This mobile gamepad allows you to play your favoritegames with 4 fingers . allowing you to run and shoot at the same time.Get higher killstreaks!

Minimal design

Our design of the L1R1 triggers allows for more screen visibility and will not take up much screen space as compared to other triggers. With the triggers on the back . our combo feels just like a console controller.

Ergonomic gamepad

The gamepad has a smooth surface that is designed to prevent slips and provide a comfortable grip while playing. Our sensitive mobile L1R1 triggers and gamepad is completely wireless.

More battery + cool phone = longer plays

The gamepad also includes 2000mAh inbuilt battery and a cooling fan to charge your phone and reduce device heating while gaming.

High quality

Made of high-quality durable ABS material . each gamepad and L1R1 triggers have been tested to ensure the highest quality and durability.

Adjustable size

Easy to use . suitable for all models of different sizes iPhone / Android.


  1. EnterPUBG mobile main interface . and click the “Setting” button.
  2. Enter the “Setting panel” . then choose “Controller setting” and click “Custom panel”.
  3. Enlarge the “Shooting” button size and move to the top left of the screen . then move the “aim” key to the top right of the screen or adjust as personal preference.
  4. Install this Mobile Gaming Controller . adjust the conductive silicone head to the “Shooting” and “Aim” key.
  5. Press the metal trigger can achieve shooting.
  6. When the phone is of over-temperature . press the switch button on the back side. Please use matched charging cable to charge cellphone needed. One end for phone . the other end-USB port for the output port of the mobile controller.
  7. Please use matched charging cable to charge cellphone needed. One end for phone . the other end-USB port for the output port of the mobile controller.

Have you been trying to install the Trigger the proper way?

Installing it wrongly will make you press the Volume buttons which will mute your phone when you press the Trigger.

Ifthat is the case … no worries!Explained below is how to properly install the trigger.

All you need to do is rotate your phone and make sure the portrait mode is either unlocked or locked depending on your phone settings.

Try it out today!

Package includes

  • 1 xMobile Gaming Controller/Trigger
  • 1 x Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Packing Case

[Limited 3 items only per person ]

100% satisfaction guarantee

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