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Now avoid errors inalignments with Laseryt .a Right-Angle Laser Projection Tool which willassist you in getting perfect right angles during different tasks like woodwork . tile work or any other work that requires precision and accuracy.

Itworks on flat surfaces like floors . vertical surfaces like walls . and even inclined or declined surfaces.

Simple one-button operation activates/deactivates the device. When activated . it projects horizontal and vertical laser lines perpendicular to each other to make perfect 90 ?? measurements. Equipped with two suction pads . it can be placed anywhere . be it a floor or a wall.

Spirit level and protractor are also provided to examine the horizontal as well as angular alignment of the device.Even if you are outdoors . it requires no direct power supply . just three AA batteries will do the work.


  • Portable and Functional: Very lightweight and compact in size . Laseryt can be easily stored and carried without any problem. Whether it’s your home or a construction site . day or night . it is highly functional anywhere . anytime.
  • Strong Observable Projection: Laseryt gives superior Infrared projection over a greater distance . for improved efficiency and productivity. Its projection is so strong that the laser line travels up to 50 feet on any surface without fading out.
  • Easy-to-Mount Suction Pads: The knobs must be pressed in order to bring out the suction pads which allows Laseryt to be mounted on smooth surfaces. Press both the knobs together for better mounting.
  • Multipurpose: Laseryt can be used for endless purposes like aligning walls . doors . frames . stud beams . windows . skylights . plumbing installations . electrical installations . etc. It is ideal for tiles . woodwork and DIY enthusiasts.
  • Premium Quality: Made with high-grade ABS material . it is eco-friendly and sturdy. Anti-dust and Anti-water features allow you to work with Laseryt in dusty and wet conditions as well.


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