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This Lazy Lock Shoe Lace styles up your shoes easily and uniquely. No more tying shoe lace.

This Lazy Lock Shoe Laceallows you to give your shoes a new look.

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Lazy Shoe Lacehas a unique high-performance elastic feature that gives a comfortable feeling to your feet. With a variety oflacing techniques . you can use it to createyour unique style.


  • EASY LACE WITH STYLE. Eliminating the clunky-looking knot and swept off traditional laces . this Lazy Lock Shoe Lace offers a stylish new trend of lacing your shoes!

  • FOR AN ACTIVE LIFESTYLE. Lazy Lock Shoe Lace is a no-tie shoelace replacementwhether youre running . golfing . playing tennis . or cross training.

  • EASY TO PUT-ON.Simply remove your current laces and slide in your Lazy Shoe Lace. They’ll work with just about any shoe you already have.

  • STRONG AND DURABLE. Water resistant and can stand any kind of weather.

  • LAZY LOCK SHOE LACE FOR EVERYONE. The Lazy Shoe Lace fitsfor adults shoes as well as childrens shoes.Never tie your laces again!
  • ADJUSTABLE for varying levels of tightness


  • For a classic fit .thread Lazy Shoe Lace straight across.
  • For higher impact sports . you might want to try criss-crossing the laces to make them tighter.
  • Especially wide feet . enjoy the spacious feel of the loose fit.

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      No matter what lacing pattern you choose . theLazy Lock Shoe Lace will give comfort and satisfying feeling in styling up you shoes!

      Product specification:
      • Material: Silicon
      • Size: One size fits all
      Package Included:
      14pcs x Lazy Lock Shoe Lace


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