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Having trouble with tying shoelaces or having loose shoelaces all the time? TheLazy Magnetic Shoelacesaves you much time on this and you can tie with just one second! Can you believe that!?

With the strong magnetic buckle on both sides . itclips and holdson your shoes without coming off. The shoelaces are made ofelastic fiber that is flexible to adjust the tightness. It fits every pair of shoes. There are multiple colors for selection . let’s get yours now!


  • Tie In 1 Second:It is easy to use. Just install the buckle on both sides of the shoelace with the desired length then you are good to go. A screwdriver is free and included in the package.

  • Secure Magnet:With the strong adhesive magnet . it can clip and hold the shoelaces firmly without coming off. You don’t need to tie shoelaces anymore~

  • Quality Elastic Strap:The shoelaces are made of elastic fiber which is flexible to adjust the tightness. It fits all kinds of shoes.

  • Colorful Shoelace:There are a wide range of colors for selection . you can choose your favorite colors.

  • Various Application:The shoelaces are designed in a flat shape that fit all shoe styles.



  • Material:Elastic Fiber / Magnetic
  • Size: 1m
  • Color:Black / White / Grey / Brown / Red / Yellow / Orange / Pink


  • 2 x Lazy Magnetic Shoelaces
  • 2 x Magnetic Clips
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 6 x Screws


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