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1 Swipe to renew your aging leather.This incredible repair cream solves all leather related problems in 10secs!

This versatile cream fills scratches . remove stains andbring shine+softness to the leather surface.Get an all-new product with no purchase by yourself!

It saves the life of your expensive sofa . leather shoes . and brand name bags . while bringing the glowingand soft texture.


  • Renovation: Used to repair the damage of the car seat leather . the scratches of the props . fill the gaps. Make your leather sofa . car seatslook shiny and soft again!

  • Easy and Quick:Apply the cream on damaged area and massage it for 10 seconds for quick restoration.

  • Prevent cracks: can effectively protect and refurbish the crackson the leather surface. It alsocreates protective film to prevent leathers from cracking . fading and discoloration.

  • Leather-friendly formula:Made of vegetable oil . doesn’t produceirritative or harmful substances which hurt the leather.

  • Use on all leather types:After applying . the leatherforms awaterproof protective film.Perfect for furniture . couches . handbags . boots and more.


  1. Clean the damaged leather
  2. Apply the Leather Restoration Cream to the area and let it dry
  3. Leave it to dry. You may also use a blow dryer for faster drying.
  4. If there are still damaged spots left . repeat the process until the leather is fully restored.


  • Capacity: 150G


  • 1xLeather Restoration Cream


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