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Decorate your home with fairy lights!

Want to wrap the Christmas tree . follow the shape of your headboard . accentuate your frames and signages at home with magic? It’s timefor you put on LED Copper Wire Lights in your home!

The LED Copper Wire Lights are created to addgood vibesto your home . especially it’s Christmas season now. It is also perfect for event venues like weddings . debuts . concerts . and more!They are battery operated and have a great lifespan so you don’t need to worry about the power source problem.Your home deserves a warm and cosy atmosphereso it’s time you put on these light decoration now.


  • Perfect for Decoration: It is a perfect tool to help you decorate for Christmas and for event venues like weddings . concerts . and more!
  • Easy to Use: It is flexible and can be decorated to any shape and can be associated with other decors . too.
  • Battery-Operated: There is no need to plug it as it is battery-operated . allowing you to decorate anywhere and use the lights anytime.
  • Decorate Your Costume:You can decorate your costume with these lights to be extra festive.
  • Long-Lasting: It has a 20 .000-hour lifespan . they can stay lit for as long as needed.
  • Energy Saving: This light string is made up of LED lights that are known for their energy-saving features. It uses less energy than the usual lights.
  • Safe for Everyone: The LED Copper Wire Lights is composed of Ultra Bright White Warm Color Micro LEDs that don’t overheat giving a fairy light effect.


  • Materials: Copper . LED
  • Length: 1m/ 2m/ 3m
  • Colour: White . Warm White . Rainbow


  • 1PC x LED Copper Wire Lights


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