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Lifesaving Hand Crank Phone Charger – Ergonomical and Completely Ready to Save Your Day!

Just pull out the handle and rotate after plugging in your device . you’ll put some battery charge back in your electronics in no time! No batteries necessary . simply kinetic motion generated by you!

Ergonomical and completely ready to save your day!

A dead phone battery means no line to safety . no line to help . and no line to the plethora of resources available online.

This is so easy to use . simply plug in your standard USB charger and crank away… you’ll bring life back to your phone in no time!

Not just limited to phones either! Charge up anything with this powerful tool!

An essential for anyone not near an outlet!

Never partake in the airport outlet huddles again and always be prepared to use your phone while trekking through nature!

The emergency must have!

Use: Travel USB Hand Dynamo Phone Charger.

  • Hand-winding charger with the interface of USB.
  • Dynamo cellphone charger . your own miniature power station.
  • Built-in extra flashlight. Built-in LED lights up and power is being generated and your phone is being charged.
  • Safe to use and won’t harm or damage your mobile phone.
  • Reusable and convenient for travel with light weight and compact design.
  • Puts power in your mobile when there’s no power available.
  • Charges your mobile phone without using grid electricity . sunlight . cells or batteries.
  • 30 seconds of cranking = 5 minutes of bright light.
  • 2 minutes of charging = up to 6 minutes of talk time or up to 30 minutes of standby.


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