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Healthy lunches and snacks are important however the majority of us have lost our expectations of warm food from our lunch boxes. With ourLunch Tower . it is no longer difficult to choose and to decide whether we are going to have a packed lunch and snack.

Why ourLunch Tower?

Keeps your food warm and tasty.
Allows you to choose a variety of food you can pack regardless if it is a soup . saucy or not.
Saves you money from going into a restaurant or canteen.
Secure yourself from contaminated food.
Easy to wash with no leftover smell.
Made from high-quality stainless steel.
Guaranteed leakproof.
Multi-layer design allows . of different food to avoid a tainting odor.

The perfectLunch Towerfor your kids and those who want to bring food in their offices . fun road trips . sporting events . picnic’s and so much more.


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