Magic Magnetic Transformable Pen – Stylish New Deals



  • Can be used for writing and touch screen.
  • Costly material . true electroplating process. Electroplated with salt mist . fine processed durable coat.
  • Eternal powerful magnetic force with 1 .683 .000 times of magnetic test using neodymium iron boron as core material.
  • Joyful & Fun – can be transformed into Compass . Floating spinning Top . a Phone stand.
  • Portable and has powerful magnetic force to attract even coins.
  • 13 powerful magnets and 12 ball points is all you need to do whatever you want.
  • Compatible with various pen Cartridge.
  • Adjustable pen length.


  • Playful Magnetic Parts: Transforming between pen and other objects.
  • Floating spinning top
  • Transform into a compass
  • Transform into a bracelet
  • Oersted Test: Playing with magnetic field.


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