Side Sleeper Body Pillows – Fine and Wellness

$59.16 $34.98

  • PREMIUM CLASS MEMORY FOAM- Made from 100% premium quality durable cut memory foam to provide long-lastingcomfort for back pain relief . superior to other leg pillows . for it won’t go flat over time.
  • SCIATICA NERVE PAIN RELIEF- Human Engineering designed leg pillow fits comfortably between your knees and providesoptimal
  • support and comfort of an evening that helps relieve sciatica pain and pressure on the lower back . great for pregnant women.
  • EASY CLEANING- Breathable zippered cover ensures the pillow is accessible to machine washable for easy cleaning.

    • Great relief for back pain . knee . hip . ankle . and joint pains.
    • -Recommended by therapists for post-surgery . pregnancy and knee surgery.
    • -It offers comfort for pregnancy and maternity.
    • -Keeps in place while sleeping.
    • -Easy cleaning with removable and washable cover.
    • SIZE: 6.5X7.0X10.0 inches
    • WEIGHT: 0.31kgz


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