Mini UV Disinfection Lamp – Stylish New Deals


This Mini UV Disinfection Lamp is the perfect travel disinfecting tool! Carry this in your bags and have easy access to cleaning your essentials. It has abuilt-in button batteryand can be carried around . and can be quickly sterilized at any time for masks . doorknobs . keys . elevator buttons . and other places.

Thehigh-energy ultraviolet light breaks the double helix of DNA and RNA . so that the bacteria will die or lose their ability to reproduce and achieve the effect of sterilization.The UVC 270nm light source wavelength for efficient sterilization. The pure physical disinfection method is healthy with no secondary pollution.


  • Easy to Use: The light’s irradiation time is about 3-5 seconds . sweeping back and forth across the surface of the object and effectively killing bacteria . which is simple and efficient.
  • Keychain Colors:Red . Yellow . Green . and Blue
  • Power Supply Mode: Built-in 2 X CR2032 batteries (include 2pcs)


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