Minimal Shoes Rack – Stylish New Deals


Shoe Racks are designed for you! Maximize your wardrobe and shoe rack space.

Shoe slot is thebest choicefor you to keep shoesproperlystored andprotected. At the same time . it brings order to your room and keeps ittidy . giving youquick accessto your beloved shoes.

 . Mintiml Shoes Rack

Non-slip surfacewithgreat gripprovided by granular grains for your shoes sole;baffle plateson the shoe slots holdereffectively protectyour shoes from falling.

Stack your shoes on top of one another to free up more space; the bestspace-savingsolution for your shoesat rack . closet . cabinet . and wardrobe.Perfectlyholdsany kind of shoessuch asstiletto . sneakers . slippers . sandals . children’s shoes . and normal-sizedwomen’s footwear.

 . Mintiml Shoes Rack

Superior and eco-friendly PP plastic materialmakes this shoeslots organizer . hashigher load capacity and durablefor long-lasting use; it is alsosuper easyto clean withwater and soap.

  • Material: PP
  • Size:26.5*11 cm .Adjustable up and down 9.5-18.5 cm
  • Color:Black . Beige . Green . Red . Blue . Yellow . Pink . Purple
  • Package includes:1 x Shoe Organizer


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